The Rockford Police Department will be conducting Peer to Peer Support training thru Operation Shattered Stars on April 13thand 14th. The training will take place at Rockford Mass Transit District (RMTD), East Side Transfer Center, COMMUNITY ROOM, 725 N. Lyford Road; Rockford, IL  61107. Training cost $150. Please go to the operation shattered star website, to register.

The program is designed to teach the peer supporter a skill set he/ she can use to assist with issues your agencies officers may be having difficulty with in their life.

The Peer Support Program is preventative maintenance. For some just talking about a problem will help. For others, the training peer supporters have received in listening skills will help to recognize, help to prevent, understand the effects of stress, and refer you to other assistance, if needed.

The Peer Support Program is not an element of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), nor is it a substitute for professional help.

Nationwide, law enforcement agencies have been using peer supporters for several years. Since peers are not mental health professionals, there is no official record kept of individuals who use the Peer Support Program. The peer supporters will also conduct group sessions for officers and others that have been involved in a critical incident.

I would ask that you forward this flyer to those agencies and officers that may have an interest in attending.

Click here to Download Operation Shattered Stars pdf